Three Signs that Your Business is Failing

ou would think that that the signs of a failing business would be obvious: lack of customers, dropping sales, cash flow issues…but these are all symptoms caused by a business that has already been failing for a very long time. What if there was a way to know if your business is failing long before the symptoms start showing up?

Don’t Create a Mission Statement: Create a Mission

The idea behind a mission statement is a noble one. It is supposed to set the guidelines for product quality, customer service, and help cast a vision to build a corporate culture. But let’s be honest: who cares!

Do what you love first: Three Tips to keep your business thriving

Most businesses start out because someone decided that they could make money doing what they love. The first few months, maybe even the first few years, are focused on doing what they do best. They are passionate, excited to go to work, 100% dedicated to their trade. However, after time passes and our business starts to grow, we all get caught up in the drudgery of our daily tasks. We stop doing what we love and instead start to focus on just keeping the business running.