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3 Steps to Overcome the Obstacles That Hold You Back

In one word, can you describe what is holding you back from moving forward with your dreams? Is it fear, money, family, confidence, experience, or something else? Most of us have something that stands in our way that we need to conquer before ever getting close to our dreams.

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7 simple steps to better decision making

When you really boil it all down, life is about choices. The problem with choices is that they have consequences, and we hate consequences. As humans, our natural desire is to eliminate as many negative consequences (cons) as possible. This is one of the reasons why decision making is so difficult for us.

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Solopreneur: Why Doing it all alone leads to Failure

I have seen a culture shift from the entrepreneurial spirit, which often encompasses collaboration and the bringing together of minds and resources, to the idea now coined as solopreneur. The idea behind the solopreneur is that people can be successful islands all by themselves.

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How to know when to walk away from a not so great, good idea

Have you ever felt the sense of comfort after accepting defeat and walking away from a dream or goal that had been plagued with bothersome issues and hiccups? Perhaps you were relieved because the idea of actually accomplishing the goal was scary, or perhaps you were just ready to stop fighting and needed some rest.

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