Company With a Cause

Are you proud of the work that you do? This is not a hypothetical question; it is not meant to be pondered for hours or meditated upon. It is a simple question that deserves a simple “yes” or “no” answer, whatever popped into your head the second you read the question.

Advertising on a Small Business Budget

Advertising on a small business budget can almost seem like an oxymoron. How do you apply this to a small business advertising budget? I am glad you asked! The main key is to not follow big business tactics for your small business.

Consumer Research for Small Business

It may seem odd to put those two phrases together, “Consumer Research” and “Small Business.” Consumer research seems like such a big business tactic (and it is), but that does not mean that there is not a version of it that small businesses can use for their own advantage.

Educating Your Prospects: The New Sales Presentation

There is a lot of overhyped free education being offered all over the web. More times than not, the “education” is stupidly basic, unrealistic, an exaggerated story of success, or, worse yet, really just a sales pitch. This is not what I am talking about.

Reputation: What do Your Actions Say About Your Business

When most people think about business reputation, they think about the reputation of the business itself. But a business cannot really have a reputation. No, the reputation is set by the people within the business, and the example starts with you.

Marketing: A Misunderstood Word

Small Business Marketing

I have heard and read a lot of different definitions of marketing over the course of my career. Most are long, drawn out, boring, even confusing attempts at trying to nail down all the complexities of marketing into one meaningful (or not so meaningful) statement.

The New Marketing Era: Letting Customers Find You

As a college professor, one of the courses I teach is marketing. Considering that I own a small business marketing and branding firm, it’s a good fit and I really enjoy teaching the class. However, I was struck this semester when the latest edition of the marketing textbook came out jam-packed with the same old lessons we have been teaching for the last 30+ years.