Build Customer Loyalty by Letting Your Customers Get to Know You

Today, people are craving authenticity. They want to know that it is still possible to rise from the ashes. People need a hero. Perhaps we can be that hero. Not because we have any great power, but because we have overcome the naysayers, jumped over the hurdles, tripped over the stump, and got back up to run with even more resolve. You’re still standing because you refused to give up, and that is a great story to tell.

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Small Business, It’s Time to Think Big

So you’re a small business…so am I, but that does not mean we have to think small. As a branding expert and coach for small businesses, I hear a lot of excuses. “I can’t do that. Don’t you know we’re a small business?” Or, “I wish we had the resources for that, but we’re just a small business.” Or my favorite, “As a small business, all we can afford to do is maintain the status quo.”

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