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Mark Zarr is a Professor of Business & Marketing, a Graphic and Website Designer, a Serial Entrepreneur, and a Writer with an odd automatic reflex to question everything he has ever been taught, just in case it might be wrong, overcomplicated, or just plain stupid.

His Mission:

obliterate any status quo that crosses his path

His Objective:

change the way we think about everything

His Goal:

prove that successful navigation through life and business is a whole lot simpler than we make it out to be

You're Amazing! Let's Show It Off.

You're Amazing!
Let's Show It Off.

I specialize in helping businesses, churches, and non-profits show off their awesomeness through amazing design. You need design that not only looks great, but that also helps increase your sales, reach, and effectiveness. This is where I come in. With over 15 years of experience I understand how to design to get results. 

Design is not just about art, it also serves as function. Great design is about using it to maximize results, connect with people, and encourage action. 

What is Great
Website Design?

Read about what goes into making an amazing website designed to increase sales and grow your business. 

What is Great
Graphic Design?

Read about what goes into creating effective media and why it is so important for your businesses success.

What is Great

Read about the importance of designing a strong brand that stands out and gets your business noticed.  

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Recent Articles

Advertising on a Small Business Budget

Advertising on a small business budget can almost seem like an oxymoron. How do you apply this to a small business advertising budget? I am glad you asked! The main key is to not follow big business tactics for your small business.

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Consumer Research for Small Business

It may seem odd to put those two phrases together, “Consumer Research” and “Small Business.” Consumer research seems like such a big business tactic (and it is), but that does not mean that there is not a version of it that small businesses can use for their own advantage.

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Small Business Marketing

Marketing: A Misunderstood Word

I have heard and read a lot of different definitions of marketing over the course of my career. Most are long, drawn out, boring, even confusing attempts at trying to nail down all the complexities of marketing into one meaningful (or not so meaningful) statement.

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