Solopreneur: Why Doing it all alone leads to Failure

Solopreneur: Why Doing it all alone leads to Failure

Whether you are looking at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Google, Facebook, NASA who put men on the moon, these people and organizations all have one big thing in common (other than technology): they all have synergy. I have read countless books on what it means to be a leader or a success, and I have done my share of observations. This one common theme seems to always rise to the top.

Successful individuals surround themselves with other like-minded, motivated, and successful people. Some of our most successful organizations create working environments that promote creative collaboration and teamwork. There are very few stories of success that do not also include a story of friendship and camaraderie. Many of these real-life stories also take a turn for the worse once the partnerships start to break up over greed and other differences.

There is a real, almost unstoppable power that accompanies people who come together for a common goal. Yet, in our recent history, I have seen a culture shift from the entrepreneurial spirit, which often encompasses collaboration and the bringing together of minds and resources, to the idea now coined as solopreneur.  The idea behind the solopreneur is that people can be successful islands all by themselves. There is pride in the tenacity of the “I can do it myself” attitude. But, is this idea really productive?

By and large, I can still point to almost any successful person or organization and show you a spirit of teamwork, collaboration, and sharing ideas at the core. Of course, there are always exceptions, but I prefer to play to the odds. There are a whole lot more unsuccessful solopreneurs than successful ones. For this reason, I would rather take my chances with the dreaded team than go at it alone.

By surrounding yourself with other talented people, not only does each person benefit from the others skills, but there is also motivation and accountability in a team. It is harder to push something off when you know there are others counting on you. There is also an unexplainable level of excitement about the work that you are doing when you get to share it with others. This excitement, or synergy, combined with all the extra talents, ideas, and resources is what sets the successful from the mediocre. It is what distinguishes the winners from the losers.

So, if you’re looking to take yourself and your business to the next level, it’s time you drop the solo act and start surrounding yourself with other successful people who have the same goals and dreams as you. You really don’t (and shouldn’t) have to be a solopreneur in this day and age of mass communication. It has never been easier to build a world-class team. Now it’s your turn to go and find your teammates.

Mark Zarr
Mark Zarr is a writer, graphic designer, and a marketing and communications consultant who works with businesses, churches and non-profits to improve their branding, marketing, and communication strategies. Utilizing his 15 plus years of business management, marketing, and design experience he helps organizations of all sizes grow and achieve amazing results by standing out from the crowd through great design. He has an MBA from Liberty University and is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Business for Boise State University and Pueblo Community College. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife, Rachel, and their two children.

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