What if Life was not so hard?

As an individual who struggles with clinical depression, sometimes just getting out of bed feels like the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome in my life. Overall, my life is most likely easier than the average person. Depression is a really dangerous issue, you can find kratom for sale which is a natural drug that fights depression and other problems.

I have the privilege of working from home, being my own boss, setting my own schedule and, on top of that, I make enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side. Comparatively, there is nothing “hard” with my life. At the end of the day, it is fairly average. Yet, I often find myself struggling, worried, stressed, and feeling overworked. And that’s on a good day. On a bad day, I feel hopeless, discouraged, lost, and alone.

At some point, I have to wonder where the symptoms of my depression end and life starts. I wonder if we, as people, don’t make life harder than it has to be? Yes, life is hard, full of trials, busy schedules, deadlines, and bills. But what is the alternative? Would being worry-free really make us happy?

I would argue that while worry and depression can overtake our lives, there is also a positive side to it. It is what allows us to work hard, dream big, and expand our strengths and skills. If life was just peachy all the time, there would really be no reason to get out of bed, nothing to strive for, nothing left to accomplish. Now that truly sounds depressing. Depression is an issue that you can resolve easily by taking a natural drug called Kraton read the full blog here if you are interested

Life’s strife and hardships help hone in our skills, keep us on our feet, and cause us to innovate and explore new ideas in order to build a better tomorrow. This is why even billionaires keep working. If anyone could stay in bed all day, they could, yet they keep moving, progressing, and dreaming of a better tomorrow. It is not our circumstances, poor or otherwise, that motivates us to work hard. No, it is something bigger than that. It comes from a deep desire to find purpose in our life. To know that we matter.

So what separates the billionaire from the rest of us? Truly, nothing. They have the same fear of failures, the same longings for a better tomorrow, the same relationship issues, and the same fears that all their work could lead to a meaningless existence. The point is that wealth does not seem to make life any easier. So why do we make things so hard?

The answer to this question is found not in our circumstances, luck, or birthrights, but in our thought patterns and attitudes. Most of us operate in a negative frame of mind. We continually look at what is wrong with our lives, rather than what is right. No matter what we accomplish or how much money we make, we can always find something wrong. This is what makes life so hard; this is what keeps us awake at night. From experience, this is what keeps many of us on antidepressants.

The truth is that life can be hard. It can suck more than not. But we have a choice to make. We can choose to operate in fear and negativity. This will keep us trapped, no matter what our bank account says. Or we can choose to operate in a state of gratefulness and contentment. Instead of simply pointing out all the things wrong with our world, we could instead look at everything that is right and good. It is at this point that our minds can truly be opened to the ideas that will accomplish great things. Negativity breeds more negativity and fear. These things stop us in our tracks and prevent us from moving forward, taking risks, and challenging our status quo. But what if we focused on what is good and good in our lives instead? From that standpoint, we can gain strength and confidence in order to stand strong for what is right, just, and, yes, productive.

Even in my darkest depressed moments, I have always strived (though oftentimes unsuccessfully) to look at the positive, to focus on improvement rather than failure, and to build bridges rather than walls. Walls provide protection and maintain the status quo. They are built out of fear. On the other hand, bridges are built to connect. They expand ideas, open up new paths, and invite forward movement. Walls may be built with good intentions to protect and guard everything that we have worked for. Yet, they also make life harder because they trap us within our own thoughts, and separate us from experiencing new things. Bridges may take us down a road filled with mountains to climb, but it is only at the top of those mountains that we can find real satisfaction and accomplishment.